Most of our designers and master craftsmen are backed by twenty years of interior design and furniture making experience. They are complimented by younger artisans who ensure our continued pursuit of new and exciting ideas. Our design studio radiates with an abundance of ideas that bring color and harmony to your dream space. A fusion of old and new; a dash of traditionalism and a touch of modernism create a variety of styles that are good to look at and great to live in.


SAACH specializes in creating your absolute designed space; from residential, commercial to industrial. Private or public space, our architectural and interior design knowledge and experience is at par with best.

From design we go to implementation, our confidence is high as we have enough interior decorators and resources to put your dream space into reality.
We treat each project as masterpieces; a collaboration of ideas from our designers makes every concept a menagerie of intricate style. Our products range from classical period to casual contemporary pieces. We take pride on our various finishes ranging from natural oil varnish to special stone finish. With our professional artists, we don’t just color and design your space but also give you long lasting works of art